• Polymers That Deliver

    Recognized as the first commercial line of biodegradable polyesters in the U.S., LACTEL® Absorbable Polymers by Evonik have been defining quality polymer production for decades.

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  • Filament for 3D Printing

    Biodegradable filament for 3D printing of medical devices.

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  • Customized Polymers

    We can help you select the polymer for your program. Click here to learn more about our extensive experience in custom polymer development.

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  • Diverse Product Portfolio

    LACTEL Absorbable Polymers offers a full range of GMP products from glycolide, lactide, and ε-caprolactone monomers. Our polymers are available with a variety of different characteristics such as molecular weight, end group chemistry, and release rate kinetics, giving you ultimate control over your project.

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Technical Data

  • Lactide
  • ε-caprolactone
  • Glycolide

Reference various chemical and physical characteristics of our polymers from lactide, glycolide and ε-caprolactone to assist you in selecting the optimal polymer for your program.

Custom Polymers

Custom Polymers Image

If additional product optimization is required, we can provide developmental input and custom synthesis. A large percentage of our polymer business at Evonik is devoted to the development of polymers with customized characteristics.

Meet with LACTEL experts

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