LACTEL Technical Information

Provided here are a variety of data describing characteristics of lactide, glycolide and ε-caprolactone polymers to assist you in selecting the optimal polymer for your program. For further assistance, please contact LACTEL Technical Support.

Charts of the chemical and physical properties for some of our most used polymers.

Inherent Viscosity vs. Molecular Weight

Comparison of methods for obtaining IV and MW data, along with correlations between them for various polymer compositions.


Technical information and charts illustrating the degradation process.

Reference Publications

Technical references.

Order Polymers

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We offer a variety of polymers and sample kits in stock for prompt delivery.

Standard Products

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A complete list of Standard Product pharmaceutical grade polymers available from LACTEL.

Custom Polymers

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If additional product optimization is required, we can provide developmental input and custom synthesis. A large percentage of our polymer business at DURECT is devoted to the development of polymers with customized characteristics.